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The Now

Channel Initiative is now a Pollination Project Grantee!

We're thrilled to announce that Pollination Project will now help support a part of the Build Hope program - the Kwetu Initiative in Kilungutwe, Mwenga. 

Through the Kwetu Initiative, we will use skills-building for health service providers and reproductive health education for women and men to strengthen this community and restore dignity to its people. 

Now, we encourage you to support our plans to ship a container of medical supplies over to the Democratic Republic of Congo by the end of the year. We need about $15,000 for this and we need your help!

Make a contribution and be a part of equipping rural health facilities and health service providers, so they can provide good quality care to the people in their community, and be strong institutions in their villages!

Or you can choose to enter our site directly.

When you make an investment to Channel Initiative, we take your good faith and well-meaning, very seriously.

Make your investment below and let us know which area of our current need you would like it to go toward.





Please note that Channel Initiative is currently in the process of applying for its 501c3 status. We abide by all the requirements and guidelines for this tax status.