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The Now

Make the Impossible Supply a reality.



This past year, our community, has graciously supported us with medical supplies, equipment, medication, baby clothes and more. We're so grateful to have received generous gifts from individuals, through our Amazon wishlist campaign, from the International Medical Interest Group at Howard University in DC, Bennison's Childrenwear, Liberty University Fashion and Consumer Sciences department and more. 

We've been moving supplies slowly as air-cargo and in small packages. Now we've accumulated so much, that this is no longer effective or cost-efficient. 

We want to move these items out of storage and into a 14ft shipping container that we will ship to Dar Es Salaam and then truck over to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where all of these supplies and items will go toward local health centers and institutions working to serve communities in rural and under-served parts of Eastern Congo.

This is our biggest undertaking yet, in terms of cost and logistics. It almost seems impossible - but we know that it doesn't have to be. We will push ourselves to do this, if it means, supporting those centers, doctors, nurses and midwives, working their hardest, to serve their communities, with limited equipment and infrastructure, day in and day out. This supply of equipment, materials and more can help them save and change lives.

This Christmas and New Year, make a gift to Channel Initiative, and support our Impossible Supply.

Or you can choose to enter our site directly.

When you make an investment to Channel Initiative, we take your good faith and well-meaning, very seriously.

Make your investment below and let us know which area of our current need you would like it to go toward.





Please note that Channel Initiative is currently in the process of applying for its 501c3 status. We strive to abide by all the requirements and guidelines for this tax status.