Sharing love after a dialogue session in rural South Kivu.

Sharing love after a dialogue session in rural South Kivu.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a world free from extreme suffering where the most seemingly at-risk communities are empowered to create incredible impact where they live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach and respond to the urgent needs of under-served, vulnerable populations worldwide. 

We work together with a community of activists, nonprofit organizations, mission minded businesses and churches to create effective and empowering solutions to the most pressing needs of these under-served communities.

Our Approach

Listen to our founder; Dominique, interviewed on a Virginia radio station about Channel Initiative. 

These are the three core pillars we stand on.


We believe in authentic, audacious on-the-ground action and impact, whether in humanitarian aid or missionary work. We strive to be true to our mission and true to the people we serve, in every way possible.


The people we serve deserve the best from us. We focus on direct, simple and effective actions and we gauge our effectiveness, by our impact on people's lives.


In creating impact in people's lives, we never want to foster a hand-out mentality. Instead we build upon already-existing strengths in the community. We focus on supporting local partners in implementing solutions and on empowering people to be the agents of their own development in their own communities.


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