Health services for women and girls in Eastern DRC



Founded by Dr. Prince Imani, a young doctor from Bukavu, DRC, Afya Bora clinic started as a small clinic on the outskirts of Panzi, serving poor women unable to afford care elsewhere. 

CI and Dr. Imani worked together to move the clinic to Kavumu, a community only 45 minutes drive, outside of Bukavu, but where people struggled to access quality health care, particularly survivors of sexual and gender based violence; mothers and children. 

In 2013/2014 local civil society actors came forward about the violent rape of several girls, as young as 2 years old. 

Today in 2017, more than 10 men are in custody for these "Kavumu rapes", and one member of local government implicated in these atrocities.

Clinique Afya Bora has grown and flourished into a community fixture for medical services. CI has supported Afya Bora over the years with small grants, administrative and technical support, medicines, equipment and more. 

Now, for 2017 - 2018, CI will reinforce its partnership with Clinique Afya Bora, through:

  • Integration into the provincial health framework;
  • Support in medicines and materials;
  • Capacity reinforcement for medical staff;
  • Infrastructural development and improvements, and 
  • Community advocacy work on maternal, sexual and reproductive health. 

We need to raise a sum of $20,000.00 to do this work and support access to quality health services in communities of Eastern DRC.