Channel Initiative works with a diverse community of individuals, non-profits, businesses, churches and other actors to create effective and locally-driven solutions to pressing needs of communities around the world.



Coming forward and reporting sexual violence can be either traumatizing or part of healing. In India, reporting sexual violence incidents can be difficult, risky, and damaging. In 2017, we will work with the Red Elephant Foundation to address this. More to come as the project develops.

Social enterprise

Social enterprise allows us to fund our work on the ground and to empower young women in Congo, for long-term impact. Ethical trade can build stronger communities. Check out our Shop page for Collective Coffee and other curated items, from local Congolese farmers, artists and women.

join our team

If you're looking to join a close-knit team of volunteers working together from all corners of the world to serve, protect and empower vulnerable individuals and communities, then check out our opportunities to join our community - whether as a remote volunteer, field staff or being a guest-contributor to our blog.

Supporting local actors to respond to critical health needs for women and girls.


Together with partners like the Afya Bora Health Center and the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC-MERU), we work to address women's health concerns in rural and under-served communities. We support the Afya Bora Health-Center in Kavumu, South Kivu and are working with the ECC-MERU to address health needs for displaced women and girls in North Kivu.


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Medecins pour la Sante des Demunis: Doctors for the Health of Vulnerable People, the organization that runs Afya Bora Health Center and its amazing front-line staff.

A community-space celebrating artisanship and empowering young women


Cafe Quotidien is the initiative of the Collective Trades project in Bukavu, South Kivu to create a community space for Congolese people and people around the world to come together and enjoy a cup of local coffee made with love. The space is open to artists to showcase their work for sale and/or display - particularly young female artists. The cafe trains and employs young aspirational and inspirational women, young mothers or girls coming out of prostitution in particular. There are 4 full time staff members: 3 baristas and 1 manager as well as free continuing education classes for other girls who cannot be employed full-time. Partial proceeds from the Cafe and from the Collective Trades project in general, contribute to Channel Initiative's activities. If you're in Bukavu, come visit the Cafe, or simply purchase a bag of Collective Coffee from the Shop to support our mission.


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